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Loki’s breakout character, Lady Loki, has a crazy comics historical past

Loki kicked off on Disney Plus with a query — Who was this harmful variant attacking the Time Variance Authority? — and a shock. Turned out, it was none aside from an alternate timeline version of Loki himself.

Here’s every part we learn about Loki’s different Loki.

[Ed. note: This post contains spoilers for Loki through episode 3.]

The hooded figure of Loki’s mysterious villain variant in Loki.

Image: Marvel Studios

Loki has revealed a model new character for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, one that will have come as a shock to film followers — however was a really acquainted twist for comedian readers. The tough Loki variant who’s been mucking up the timeline to spite the Time Variance Authority is a feminine model of Loki, performed by English actress Sophia Di Martino (Yesterday).

In different phrases, she’s Lady Loki — although we came upon in episode 3 that she goes by Sylvie.

Who is Lady Loki?

Lady Loki reveals herself to Thor for the first time.

Image: Marvel Comics

The Loki of Norse mythology is infamous for altering form and reinventing himself at will, however the Marvel Comics model of Loki had been surprisingly stagnant since his early appearances. Even across the multiverse, Loki was nearly all the time simply one other mustache-twirling villain susceptible to elaborate nonsensical schemes born of nothing however bitter jealousy for his brother. But by the early 2000s, the entire gimmick was somewhat stale.

The more and more tedious villainy of Marvel Comics’ Loki led to editorial and inventive selections that developed him into extra of an antihero than an outright villain, bringing about renewed curiosity within the character. And an enormous a part of that transformation is Lady Loki, who began her historical past in comics by simply straight up stealing Sif’s physique. Altruistic as Loki might be when the temper strikes, Lady Loki was usually simply as villainous because the bitter, spiteful Loki of the early days.

A short historical past of when Loki was a girl

Sophia Di Martino as Lady Loki in Loki.

Image: Marvel Studios

After the occasions of the earth-shattering Ragnarok event, Marvel’s 2007 Thor ongoing ebook centered on the Odinson’s seek for any remaining Asgardians who had survived their fall — or been reborn in new kinds. Meanwhile, Loki had been reborn right into a physique meant for Lady Sif, and, wanting to make use of the physique as his personal, Loki trapped Sif within the type of an aged lady in hospice care, rendering her powerless to cease him. By the fifth situation of the collection, Lady Loki had made her presence recognized to Thor, which confused and upset him — not because of Loki’s new kind essentially, however due to their difficult historical past. And the entire undeniable fact that Loki had helped result in Ragnarok within the first place.

Lady Loki rapidly swore that she would by no means once more inform a lie, however as an alternative she leaned into utilizing her new penchant for truth-telling in equally manipulative methods. Winning Balder’s belief by telling him that he was the son of Odin, similar to Thor, the 2 gods created a shaky and momentary alliance, however one which gained Loki a number of belief by affiliation.

But Loki was nonetheless Loki, and she or he made no bones about her final purpose, which was all the time to destroy Thor and take his place because the eventual ruler of Asgard. And she nonetheless possessed a lot of Loki’s qualities, be they admirable or horrible.

Lady Loki catches snowflakes and muses evil-y about her victory, wearing a horned circlet and a giant white fur coat.

Image: J. Michael Straczynski, Oliver Coipel, Marko Djurdjevic/Marvel Comics

During the 2008 Secret Invasion occasion, Lady Loki practically induced the loss of life of fan-favorite-alien-buddy-of-Thor Beta Ray Bill just by insisting that he was a Skrull in disguise. Meanwhile, as a member of Norman Osborne’s secret supervillain society the Cabal, she proved her identification to Doctor Doom by fortunately frying a lot of his servants to loss of life throughout a dinner, then strolling into his headquarters and opening up negotiations with him. Her schemes additionally included tricking Odin’s father Bor right into a fight wherein Thor was pressured to kill his personal grandfather to save lots of the world, after which Loki inspired Balder to banish Thor from Asgard.

Loki returned to a male kind finally, however even then Lady Loki has made quite a few appearances in later Thor comics — although extra as cameos than because the lead of a Loki story. In Loki: Agent of Asgard, she exhibits up solely very briefly because the troubled, youthful Loki on the lookout for redemption faces down his older, extra evil incarnation. Agent of Asgard was all about our beloved antihero’s first makes an attempt to erase the sins of his previous, solely to lastly settle for them as a part of his studying curve, reimagining himself because the God of Stories somewhat than the God of Lies. Confronting Lady Loki was key to unlocking a few of Loki’s best strengths, enabling him to turn out to be extra heroic than ever — by lastly really accepting himself as a changeable, even mercurial, determine.

Who is Sylvie?

Sylvie and Loki waiting outside a sci-fi train

Image: Marvel Studios

In episode 3 of Loki, the variant Loki tells her counterpart that “[Loki] is not who I am anymore.” She prefers to be referred to as Sylvie, which she says is one thing like an alias. But it’s a reputation with a bit extra difficult historical past in Marvel Comics.

In the comics, Sylvie Lushton thought she was a mortal lady dwelling in Broxton, Oklahoma through the interval of Thor comics continuity when Asgard — castles and all — hovered within the skies above the small US city. Then, in the future, she awoke with magical powers and tried to turn out to be a superhero, taking up the identify and elegance of certainly one of Thor’s previous foes, the Enchantress.

Eventually, Sylvie found that she wasn’t actually human in any respect: Loki had magically referred to as her into existence with reminiscences of being human, motivated by amusement on the concept of a human who suspected she was a secret Asgardian. From there, Sylvie had a number of bother becoming in with the superhero group, bouncing round from crew to crew on the great man and dangerous man sides of Marvel Comics. Eventually she ran afoul of the unique Enchantress, who banished her to a destiny unknown for usurping her identify.

It stays to be seen what, if any, connection Sylvie Lushton has to the Sylvie of Loki. Perhaps she’s secretly the Enchantress? Perhaps she was created by Loki as properly? Perhaps the present’s creators simply picked “Sylvie” as a feminine identify that has been related to Loki within the comics. As the Time Variance Authority may say, solely time will inform.

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