Uncategorized - June 28, 2021

Monster Hunter Rise ought to let me hunt Pennywise

I’ve been enjoying numerous Monster Hunter Rise, and I’m far sufficient in that I’m getting a yearning for a little bit extra selection in my carves. But after I take into consideration new creatures I’d most wish to hunt, I hit a block.

There are dozens of huge bosses in video video games that appear like they’d be an awesome match for the Monster Hunter franchise, like Bowser or Ultros. Even cinema has a lot of nice, massive, scary beasts that appear ripe for looking, just like the Rancor or the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man. But none of them are fairly proper, and I’ve lastly found out why.

Monster Hunter Rise’s massive blowout battles look like they’re common boss fights, like another sport has — however they’re basically totally different. In truth, I dare to say they’re not boss fights in any respect.

As such, the one beast that can match into the sport’s struggle construction is Pennywise the Clown, from Stephen King’s It.

In my analysis, I discovered that the suggestions on the best way to make a satisfying boss struggle are fairly standardized, so I’ve simplified them right into a helpful five-part system: Big, Unique, Trapped, Test, and S-calation. Monster Hunter Rise throws most of those guidelines proper into the monster dumpster.

Watch the video above to study extra about how Rise breaks all the principles of boss battles and why precisely which means I ought to get to put on Pennywise’s pores and skin as modern clown armor.

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