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Don't miss out on our #nerkco event this weekend! Our very own FifiLebonBon Freya will be hosting HEARTHSTONE!

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Help us create something special here at #nerkco! We are a family and we want this to feel like a community driven platform. Please let your friends and family know about the best place for gamers to connect! LadySaora Saora
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Show Posty some love when you get a chance! 🔥🤗

3 days ago

I am 100% new to this type of platform, but I hope to make many friends! Join me, I'll try to be consistent and post my stream times here! You can find my Twitch link in my linktree!

Stay on the grind. Good things happen when you stay consistent and always remember to have FUN!

4 days ago


STAY consistent with your BRAND. Yes, sounds a bit different because we should stay consistent with our schedule. However, as we grow our brand it is important to refine it as we go along but to stick to several basic principles. Be genuine about this!

Overtime my logo has changed until I finally understood what I wanted, my colors remained the same, but most important my principle of my brand remains the same and I make sure it grows strong!

WE GOT THIS! Have a great day NERKCO FAM!


Fire #setup from Angel Marie 🔥🔥

4 days ago - Translate - Youtube

Who's ready for Cyberpunk 2077!?!!? Release date 12.10


The official page of the nerkco platform. Please follow to stay up to date on all the great things we have planned for nerkco! We want this to be an interactive community, so this page is open to the public. Let us know your ideas/feedback and we'll try our best to implement! We want nerkco to be a community driven platform. We never want you to feel as if your voice doesn't matter... BECAUSE IT DOES!