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BACK by popular demand! THE GO LIVE BUTTON.
This is an easy way to connect with nerkco streamers! Start using the GO LIVE button whenever you go live on twitch.
1. Fire up stream as normal on twitch
2. Go to nerkco (app or desktop) and toggle the GO LIVE button
4. Now you show up on our "who's live" page so people can check out your streams! It's that easy! In addition, your profile flashes LIVE.
5. As a common courtesy, we do ask that you switch off the GO LIVE button when you're done streaming. If you forget, nerkco staff will turn it off for you


Happy Friday fellow nerks! New energy coming soon! Keep inviting your friends and family to the platform 🙏

What do we think of bringing back nerks and leaderboards!!!?!??

You all are part of something special!

Yours truly! FifiLebonBon Freya
Link up with us today at 2 pm CST. ONLY on #nerkcoofficial #twitch channel


The official page of the nerkco platform. Please follow to stay up to date on all the great things we have planned for nerkco! We want this to be an interactive community, so this page is open to the public. Let us know your ideas/feedback and we'll try our best to implement! We want nerkco to be a community driven platform. We never want you to feel as if your voice doesn't matter... BECAUSE IT DOES!