Top Game Releases for the Week of 11/15

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This week we're checking out what's hot.

Whats goin on fam its Liu Fathi, the VICTORRRIOUS VOICE of GA-MIIIIIINNNNG..... Welcome to some hot news from ya boy. I wanna do something new and give you guys a eads up on all the hot new games coming out this week. (Still trying to get my hands on some next-gen consoles so lets see how I can make that happen. S/N, you all can mail me one if you feel inclined to lol.) Lets not dilly-dally any longer, and get into this fresh out the oven heat today. 

Dropping 11/17

Who Wants to Be A Millionaire Mac PC PS4 Switch Xbox One

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire has been one of the the top Gameshow games for years. With Mulitple realses since the PS1 era, this version Brings upgraded graphcics, new and fun questions, along with some pretty hard questions that test your knowledege across various subjects. This is a good game for all the gameshow buffs who like Jeopardy and Family Feud (I love family feud). Check this out for some somerthing outside the norm the you can play at your own pace.


Sniper Elite 4 Switch

Realeasing Valentines Day 2017, Sniper Elite 4 is one of the best in the series. With almost fully historically accurate weaponary, to its zoomed in Bullet-time styled X-Ray Shots that show where the bullets penetrate and damage, Sniper Elite 4 is a must have for third-person action game lovers. Joining the game library on Ninitendo Switch gives Nintendo owners the chance to play this banger of a game. If you dont have a Switch, check it out on all other platforms for an awesome experience.

The Serious Sam Collection PS4 Switch Xbox One

So Many things can be said about Serious Sam. Some good, some bad, and a lot of "meh". If you're into wild shooters with ridiculous story lines that rival Duke Nukem (another ridiculous banger except for Duke Nukem Forever) then here is your game. If youve never heard of this series, I implore you to check it out as it is one of my personal favorites. It also keeps its cheesy nostalgic charm in the character dialouge, which is sure to make you laugh, if not chuckle a bit.

Dropping 11/20

Katamari Damacy Reroll PC PS4 Switch Xbox One

We've got another blast from the past with this banger from the early 2000's being brought to current-gen consoles. You play as the Prince of the Cosmos cleaning up the King's mess due to the King mistakenly destroying all of the stars in the sky. How he managed to that still baffles me to this day. Collect everything insght to help repair the cosmos in this fun, super-silly game.


Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity Switch

Wanna know what happened 100 years before Link fell asleep? Check out Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity. Taking place during the war against Gannon and his cronies 100 years prior to Breath of the Wild, take out enemies by the dozen in the Hack-n-Slash styled beat em up with the Heroes of the Zelda franchise. If i had a Switch i'd for sure be copping this heat! If you liked the Dynasty Warriors series then you'll love this. Make sure you get ready to become the Hero you were meant to be before picking up the controller.

Thats all for the Top Games Releasing this week. This is Liu Fathi siging off..... Have a great Day and much love to you all.


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