My Time with Amazon Luna

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I got into the Luna beta. Some of it was good, some of it wild. Lets check out what they have to offer.

Whats going on guys its Liu Fathi, THE VICTORIOUS VOICE of GA-MIIIIIIIIING....... welcome to another article. So I actually was able to get into the Amazon Luna beta and I have some intriguing insights and finding about what I experienced with the service.

The Interface

Since i'm using a fire stick, the menu looks nice, simple and clean. Currently, only Standard 1080p is available during the beta period (1440-4K will be available upon full release). The main menu also has your standard options, filters and settings, which makes makes naviation easy to understand and not convoluted. Now Lets Check out some games!

Luna gives an array of gaming offerings for everyone.

The Games

So I went ahead tried a few games. Some were good, and some were "meh". Lets check out a few below:

Sonic Mania Plus

Sonic looks GORGEOUS. I don't have the Luna controller so i'm using an Xbox One controller via Bluetooth. The input seems to lag by a half second, nut maybe its me. I noticed as I went into the special stage for the Chaos Emerald, the lag seemingly disappeared. I tried the blue spears level also and the lag was ridiculous! It was so bad to the point that Sonic did not turn as precise as he would on regular consoles and mobile. After a level and a half, I decided to stop due to input lag becoming more prominent as I progressed.

Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus was one of my favorite first-person shooters. Not only was the gameplay stellar, but its riveting story is what captivated me to keep pushing through. I wanted to watch the intro video, but it froze sadly (womp). I had to slap the X button and to continue. Right of the bat I did noticed some input lag when it came to choosing options. Outside of that, the game looks wonderful. As time went on, the inputs seemed to get better and I had already clocked in 40 minutes! Unfortuantelythe game started to degrade; from frames dropping tremendously, to the game freezing completely..... Exit game.


Not much to say here. Its a Wipeout/F-Zero rip off that has good reviews. The gameplay is surprisingly good to be honest. This game actually handles well and never had an lag inputs or graphical issues. It did become dull fast so I would only suggest that you play this casually.

The Verdict

The Amazon Luna is a top contender in cloud gaming. Google Stadia has been running the show for a while, but with Luna still developing and growing, it may just take over the cloud gaming scene.