Peeps and Pepsi?!

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Would you try this new Pepsi flavor?

Spring is noticeable all around and Easter is only a week and a half away, which implies we are well past due for a crazy new Peeps flavor—yet this year, they're making a sprinkle in soft drink structure.

In the most impossible joint effort since Ed Sheeran and Andrea Bocelli, Peeps has cooperated with Pepsi to make Marshmallow Cola, which arrives in a three-pack of adorable minimal 7.5-oz. jars. Unfortunately, these will not be accessible on supermarket retires this year, however fans can enter the sweepstakes to win some by hashtagging "#HangingWithMyPEEPS" on their online media photographs.

All the more explicitly, the brief advises you to share photographs making the most of your #1 springtime exercises—"in a safe, socially inaccessible way," obviously.

PEPSI x PEEPS Kit Packaging


The jars come in blue, pink, and yellow, in spite of the fact that there is no distinction in flavor. We got a first taste of the drink and can affirm that it does, truth be told, taste like marshmallows—with a flavor that is dubiously suggestive of Lucky Charms.


"After what has been a troublesome year, numerous customers are searching for new things to grin about," said Todd Kaplan, Pepsi's VP of Marketing. "In this way, to praise the beginning of springtime, Pepsi teamed up with PEEPS to build up a restricted cluster of its first-historically speaking marshmallow cola."

Fans can enter the sweepstakes beginning Thursday for an undisclosed restricted time. It's muddled the number of packs of the soft drink will be given out, despite the fact that they declared that ten thousand prize victors will get "an epic authority's bundle of PEPSI x PEEPS."