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Sonic’s New ‘Best Friend’ Snuck Into Yesterday’s Symphony

Sonic chills with his new best friend, an orange wolf named Ian Jr., in Sonic Forces. Below the screen an orchestra plays.

Image: Sega / Ian Mutchler / Kotaku

I’ve heard inform that lots of of us had a great time with yesterday’s symphonic celebration of the Sonic the Hedgehog collection’ thirtieth anniversary. What’s higher than listening to hours of iconic online game music? Maybe listening to hours of iconic online game music whereas a personality you created buddies round with Sonic on a large display behind the band? Yeah, that’s most likely higher.

Ian Mutchler (no relation) is a storyboard artist who has beforehand achieved animation work at Sega, Warner Bros., and Dreamworks. He’s additionally the creator of Ian Jr., the wide-eyed, orange creature you could have seen with Sonic briefly glimpses in the course of the Sonic Forces portion of yesterday’s live performance. Mutchler was lately recruited by Sega to assist seize unique gameplay footage for the occasion, and when it got here time to file Sonic Forces, his particular good friend was ready for him.

“We were casually going through some levels when I realized the avatar on my game file was still Ian Jr., which I of course asked [the Sega rep] to try and keep in,” Mutchler informed Kotaku through e mail.

2017’s Sonic Forces banked on the overwhelming reputation and prevalence of Sonic fan characters by permitting gamers to create their very own customized avatar to zip via the sport’s desolate, war-torn environments. As is usually the case with these sorts of character creation programs, Sonic Forces gave rise to monstrosities galore, however an excellent boy named Ian Jr. caught out from the gang of Sonic clones and grimdark self-inserts.

At some level, a good friend of Mutchler’s even obtained prolific Sonic the Hedgehog artist Tyson Hesse to draw fanart of the customized character. Hesse can be recognized for guiding Sonic Mania’s wonderful cutscenes and redesigning Sonic’s horrendous unique look within the live-action film, so it’s protected to say his sketch was a reasonably large step in direction of cementing Ian Jr.’s canonicity inside the Sonic universe. The live performance merely sealed the deal in his creator’s thoughts.

“Ian Jr. is now canonically best friends with Sonic the Hedgehog and should be considered when making ‘best Sonic characters of all time’ lists,” Mutchler added.

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