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Established in April of 2020, nerkco is a social media platform created by two buddies who enjoy gaming at the core.  The concept of nerkco is 10 years in the making through other failed ventures involving gaming.  What nerkco learned over that time is true relationship building and networking is what makes a platform great. This authentic gathering space for gamers has been a gap in the gaming industry for years.  We've built the only space for all gamers (core, hardcore, professional, streamers) to feel comfortable meeting others with the same interests as they do. This is what we like to call the ULTIMATE GAMING COMMUNITY! 

Silent-J (Founder)

Silent-J is the founder of nerkco.  He's an avid gamer for well over 15 years and has faithfully played Socom over the years.  In his free time, Silent-J likes to spend time with his family and keeping up with the NFL season. 

stat5092 (Co-Founder)

Stat5092 is the definition of a core gamer, but still loves the competitive nature of gaming.  He loves to travel and explore new areas to gain new perspectives on how people live life!  He too is a huge NFL fan and can't wait for the upcoming season (whenever that might be).