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Uncharted Movie: The Saga of Whether Sully Has a Moustache Rolls On

Update 05/24/2021: People are, as soon as once more, confused and upset by the obvious lack of a single moustache within the Uncharted film.

After Mark Wahlberg seemingly teasingly confirmed that his tackle Sully (the Uncharted video games’ facially haired father determine) would come rocking a moustache, a brand new picture from the New York Times appears to point out the alternative.

The picture – which reveals Tom Holland’s Nathan Drake and Wahlberg’s Sully seemingly peering for clues in a church scene – reveals that, at the very least for this part of the movie, Sully wears a completely bare higher lip. The web has been scandalised consequently.

Source: The New York Times / Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Source: The New York Times / Sony Pictures Entertainment.

“I already had very low expectations but they are somehow even lower now after seeing this…they couldn’t even do the bare minimum and let Sully have his mustache,” wrote Ericka on Twitter. James Cowan agreed: “The fact they couldn’t even use stick on a moustache for Sully doesn’t really inspire confidence.”

Fellow Twitter person Jason summed up the confusion across the disappearing ‘tache: “I could’ve sworn there was a BTS photo Mark posted with the mustache and I’m so confused as to why it isn’t there. Sully ALWAYS has his stache. It’s literally a part of him and adds so much to his character. This is such a weird choice.”

Of course, there’s all the time the prospect that the film covers a timespan lengthy sufficient for Wahlberg’s Sully to both develop a moustache – or perhaps even shave it off in a match of treasure-related despair. As ZacharyMitzel places it, “I swear to god if they incorporate the mustache into sully’s arc”.

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With the Uncharted film getting steadily nearer to its February 18, 2022 launch date, we’ll possible see increasingly more of Sully as time goes on. We do at the very least know that Tom Holland’s Drake will eventually sport the character’s most familiar clothing, so it could be that Sully will get to put on his personal iconic look by the tip. By the seems of social media timelines right this moment, plenty of the web will certainly be hoping so.

Update 10/25/20: Mark Wahlberg, on his Instagram, could very nicely have given us our first take a look at his model of Victor “Sully” Sullivan within the upcoming Uncharted film that additionally stars Tom Holland as a younger Nathan Drake, who also gave us a first look at his character earlier this week.

The unique story follows.

Few issues in life are sure, however one in every of my unshakeable beliefs was that Sully from Uncharted has had a moustache his complete life – most likely since delivery. That was till right this moment when set images from the in-production Uncharted film presumably revealed that Mark Wahlberg’s tackle the character is clean-shaven, and now I do not know what to imagine anymore. The massed ranks of the Internet had been equally rocked by the revelation.

Shared on Twitter, the pictures had been reportedly taken on-set in Berlin, exhibiting Tom Holland’s younger Nathan Drake and Wahlberg’s Sully, each wearing fits. But what actually stood out to followers is the dearth of facial hair on show:

In the Uncharted recreation sequence, Sully – an “American treasure hunter, fortune seeker and businessman, as well as a friend, mentor and father figure to Drake – is shown as both a younger and older man sporting a moustache. With the Uncharted movie acting as an origin story for Nathan Drake, many expected Wahlberg to sport Sully’s younger look from the games, but based on these images, that maybe not be the case.

There are some caveats here. It’s not entirely clear if these pictures were taken during active filming – there’s the chance that what’s seen above is a test shot, and Wahlberg will wear a false moustache for the filming. For the sake of those working on the film, I hope so, because the initial reaction has been a mixture of shock, disbelief and gifs:

Are we trying on the latest moustache-related controversy in widespread tradition, after Superman’s CGI-ed top lip in Justice League? Only time will tell.

Then again, perhaps we should be happy to see any Uncharted movie news at all, given the film has had seven totally different administrators hooked up at one time or one other. Now that manufacturing has lastly begun, Tom Holland says it’s “everything I dreamed it would be”.

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